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Online Degree Programs Enter the Educational Mainstream

Online degree programs are leading a boom in distance learning that has made a university education more accessible than ever before. In fact, distance learning has taken an area alongside classroom learning within the mainstream of yank education. Over the long run, earning a university degree online pays off with substantial financial benefits over the course of your career.Growth of Online Degree Programs

Online degree programs are a prominent a part of the trend toward distance learning which has changed the face of post-secondary education.

According to U.S. Department of Education statistics for the 2006-07 year, 65 percent of faculties offer some variety of for-credit distance learning programs. In total 12.2 million people were enrolled in these programs, with just over three-quarters of these participating via online courses.

ucation. For the foremost part, these don’t seem to be just continuing education courses, but rather degree-oriented programs. 66 percent of all distance teaching programs were degree-oriented, with the rest representing certificate programs.As with any college program, it’s important to seem for online accredited degrees–those that are recognized as meeting a particular threshold of educational standards. Fortunately, with such a large amount of accredited colleges now adding online programs, online accredited degrees mustn’t be hard to search out.

Why Earn a Degree Online?

Today, countless people are earning a degree online.  Why must you consider joining them? There are a spread of reasons:

o    Accessibility. Not every student has the choice of pulling up roots and attending college in another a part of the country. within the past, this could have meant that your educational options were limited to programs that happened to be offered in your area. this is often not true. With online education, academic programs from everywhere the country are now as close as your computer.

o    Flexible schedule. For people with work or family obligations, conforming thereto quite schedule is an impossibility. Online programs both increase the quantity of scheduling options you’ve got, and also the flexibility of the many of these options.

o    Affordability. Online education gives you more low-tuition options to think about, and specifically eliminates the space, board, and transportation costs related to an on-campus education.

Financial Benefits

Accessibility, flexibility, and affordability are all short-term benefits. If these make the difference in allowing you to pursue a university degree, then the long-term financial benefits are considerable.

Simply obtaining an associate’s degree can bump the typical person’s annual earnings up to $34,000, compared to $29,000 for folks that didn’t get beyond a highschool degree or equivalent. Obtaining a degree raises the earning level by a good greater margin, to $43,500, and these income gaps are getting wider over time.

Those are just one-year differences. Project those income differentials over the course of a career, and that they add up to many thousands of dollars. that is the long-term financial good thing about a university education, and online education could also be your best chance at capturing.

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